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This Web site introduces company information on Repertoire Genesis Inc., new developments in services and research and development, and so on.
In viewing and using this website, please confirm the following contents.
Please understand beforehand that the following content may be changed without notice.

About security

This website uses SSL *1 to secure the security of customer's personal information. By using a SSL compliant browser, the personal information is encrypted and sent and received.
In addition, pages may not be displayed when connected through a firewall from an office or the like.

* 1: SSL (Secure Socket Layer): This is an industry standard cryptographic communication technology for encrypting communication between a web server and a web client (such as a browser) and transmitting / receiving it (due to the nature of encryption technology, 100% It does not guarantee).

System Requirements

On this website, we recommend the following OS and Web browser version in order to comfortably browse and use.

Recommended OS / Platform

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Recommended browser

computer Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 / Edge
Always use the latest version of Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox.
Android Always use the latest version of Google Mobile Chrome.
iPhone Always use the latest version of Mobile Safari.


On this website, there is a page using JavaScript.
If JavaScript is disabled in your browser settings, it may not function correctly or the page may not be displayed correctly. For comfortable use, we recommend enabling JavaScript.

About viewing PDF files

In this website, each plug-in software of "Adobe Acrobat Reader" is required to view PDF documents. In order to use this website more comfortable. Those who have not yet been obtained can be downloaded from here.

Download "Adobe Acrobat Reader" from here
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Microsoft Excel

This website offers some data in Microsoft Excel format. In order to view this file, Microsoft Excel is required.

Microsoft Office Online

About using Google Analytics and cookies

This web site uses Google Analytics for collecting and analyzing access logs. Google Analytics uses cookies and collects logs without including information that identifies individuals. In addition, logs collected are managed based on Google's privacy policy.

Google Analytics
Google Privacy Policy

Cookie is a small text file in which arbitrary characters are written instead of personal information, it is exchanged between the server of this website and the Internet browsing software (browser) of the customer, and the user's computer It is saved in the hard disk drive.

You can reject these log collections by changing browser settings and deactivating cookies (not saving). Even if cookie is disabled, browsing of this website is not affected.

You can also refuse Google Analytics tracking using the Google Analytics opt-out add-on. The Google Analytics opt-out add-on is a feature developed to allow users of websites to disable the use of data by Google Analytics JavaScript. To use this function, download this add-on and install it on your browser.

Google Analytics opt-out add-on

About copyright

The copyright of the contents (sentences, images, images, sounds, programs, etc.) posted on this website belongs to us as the creator of the material. You can not use, duplicate or modify them without permission.
Beyond the scope permitted by other copyright laws, we can not use the contents provided on this website without prior written consent from our company.


Regarding posted information

The content posted on this website has been checked carefully. However, the Company is not liable for any errors or damages, etc. in the event of data manipulation or downloading by a third party.

Forward-looking statements

Some of the content posted on this website includes statements about future financial performance. These statements are not guarantees regarding future financial performance, and they encompass a certain amount of uncertainty and risk. Please note that actual financial performance in the future may differ due to changes in the business environment and other factors.

Operation of this website

Operation of this website may be suspended or canceled, or the content may be changed, without notice.
In some cases, users may not be able to access this website properly due to communication environment, the state of the user’s computer, or other reasons. Please understand that the Company is not liable for any problems, losses, or damages resulting from such situations.

About URL links

Links may be created to this website as long as such creation is not intended to violate public policy or is not done in a manner than is not in compliance with Copyright Act or the Personal Information Protection Act.
Furthermore, the URL for content may change without notice.